Sunday, December 26, 2010

No Matter How Low...

This Christmas I was touched by a special significance from one word in the Christmas story as told in Luke 2 In the Holy Bible. (Luke 2: 2 - 22)

There was NO room in the Inn. How about the barn? That will have to do. We'll have to make due and improvise with what we have. Are you beginning to catch a theme here? God could have chosen to bring His only Son into this world anywhere! But he chose the lowly manger. Think about what that truly represents... IF the Savior came into this world ( and HE did!) in the lowliest of places during that time in history, do you have ANY doubt whatsoever that there is NO place TOO low that he would not meet you to Save your Life? He is there waiting - no matter where, no matter how low, no matter how far gone, no matter whether you believe you're worth it or not. All you have to do is accept Jesus as your Savior, repent of your sins, and commit your life to Him.

The manger? Have you thought about it lately? What it actually is? How is a manger defined? - a feeding trough for farm animals.

Today we urbanites can relate that to a Cat Bowl or a Dog Dish. Seriously... Really? Think about it! Do you think he will not meet you no matter where you are?

Where are you? Right this moment? No matter where you are, this is evidence he will meet you!

So the only question is - will you ask him to meet YOU? Even when we are believers, we can find ourselves in dark valleys of doubt. True...or not?

What are your thoughts about the manger? Do you believe God can come to you no matter how far away you are?

Luke 2:12 (New International Version, ©2010)

12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

Luke 5:32 (New International Version, ©2010)
32 I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time to Reel It Back In?

Carlos Whittaker at "The Sticks Conference" - 11/10/2010
 This is a short post, much because I didn't post at all last month, and I really can't say why - except, oh what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeh, LAZINESS!

Last month I had the pleasure of attending "The Sticks Conference" down in Orangeburg, SC hosted by Cornerstone Community Church. To say that it was an awesome, spirt-filled, learning experience would be a huge understatement. One of the break-outs I had the opportunity to participate in was a session on Social Media with Carlos Whittaker of Ragamuffin Soul (@loswhit on Twitter). Los, I hope you don't mind me sharing a couple of the great tips you gave us:

1. Tweet/Post frequently and consistently
2. Have some posts in the "kitty" ready to go (so when you're on the run you have something ready)
3. Be real and engage with people - be yourself, don't try to be anyone else
4. Share your life with others - You're more interesting than you might believe (again, be real)

Los is probably laughing about now because the above is my interpretation (very loose interpretation) of what he actually said during the breakout!  =)

My point is, I read a great deal of posts from "Social Media Experts - Tips and Tricks" AND "Social Media Gurus" - like someone really knows how to work this game? Knows the "proper way to tweet"! And trust me, I know enough to know that there are plenty of spammers, bots, and tweeps with alterior motives. I don't know about you but I do this to share and connect with a world of people I may never otherwise come in contact with, much more actually get to know! (and to meet in person as I did last month at "The Sticks Conference").

So that being said: Thanks Carlos (although a little late) for sharing your life with me. You are an amazing dude, with amazing talent, amazing stories to share and the icing on the cake - a very inspirational brother in Christ. Love ya bro!

Just FYI - I'm going to try to do a series of posts writing about many of these people I have run across through Social Media, some of whom I have had the pleasure to meet F2F and others who inspire me (and I'd still like to meet). Maybe I'll even get to interview a few of them - a lofty goal (but wouldn't that be crazy fun)!

Any suggestions on who I might share about next? Who would you like to hear my take on? Give me some thoughts in the comments.

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Psalm 16:11